The grace of cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer

Suggestions from CZ jewelry manufacturer

You want to buy CZ jewelry manufacturer but do not know where to find chic and fascinating CZ jewelry. Buy it from CZ jewelry manufacturer at wholesale silver jewelry price! At Hong Factory, you will find the most beautiful CZ jewelry that you need with many models and style from around the world. This Thailand based CZ jewelry manufacturer produce every style of jewelry inspired by Indian, Native American, Asian, to European culture. Moreover, if you like cubic zirconia, my personal favorite CZ jewelry manufacturer proud to present this guide to you!


CZ jewelry manufacturer’s guide for choosing and buying a CZ jewelry

Firstly, when you want to buy a piece of CZ jewelry, you will consider them based on your style and character. Look for unique jewelry that suits your personality. The unique characteristic of CZ jewelry is that it has small imperfections that delight you. You will not find yourself wearing the same set of jewelry as the others.

Secondly, you have to trust your sense of fashion and pick the one you like. Because buying beautiful jewelry that you will never wear is no use. What you want to do is checking out collections on CZ jewelry manufacturers or vendors website, then pick the style you want. There are many unique styles available on the internet.

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CZ Jewelry can be made exotic, and you will probably love it!

Are you tired of seeing and wearing the same mainstream jewelry of the modern western world? If so, then it would be time to take a look culturally inspired CZ jewelry. These are jewelry for women who like to show off their attractiveness and stand out with jewelry that enhances their personality.

There are indeed many cultures in the world that are brought up to the fashion world recently. Culturally influenced CZ jewelry is perfect for standing out from mainstream fashion. What I love about it is the originality and variety of materials CZ jewelry can be incorporated with. For example, obsidian, amber, feathers, fabric, glass, coral, or wood are materials that balance well with CZ jewelry. There is something for every taste!

The CZ jewelry of African origin is charming. Generally, quite cheap, they combine noble materials and craftsmanship to give the final product with vintage and antique charms. For Native American style, nature-based type like feathers, leather, pearl, seashells, and wood are generally pretty to wear. Asian style is unique with many cultures to pick from, such as Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or southeast Asian. They are all amazing!

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Buying them cheap from CZ jewelry manufacturer

A piece of CZ jewelry is affordable, and many are available on the internet. The most effective method is buying them directly from CZ jewelry manufacturers. Noted that buying stuff online can get risky if you don’t know what you are doing. You have to make sure that the CZ jewelry manufacturers you buy from have a secure payment method and guaranteed return or trustable reviews. It’s always better to choose a seller that you trust.

For me, buying from Hong Factory has never disappointed me, and I will always recommend this CZ jewelry manufacturer to anybody I know. Hong Factory is a leading CZ jewelry manufacturer based in Thailand. They have served their loyal customers for 48 years and always get praise for their dedication. They manufacture and sell a wide range of wholesale silver jewelry. If you are interested in buying CZ jewelry at a wholesale price, check out their website at

Classical accessories do not attract you anymore? Always on the lookout for originality? CZ jewelry has it all, and this CZ jewelry manufacturer knows it!

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CZ Jewelry: what is it? And what is it made from?

Fun facts from CZ jewelry manufacturer.

Hong Factory, a leading Thailand’s CZ jewelry manufacturer, has always honored us with some knowledge of their industry. Since the past, people have always loved jewelry. Jewelry used to be very expensive, and only nobles can have one. In modern-day, jewelry made from diamond, gold, or other precious stone is still costly. However, people with a tight budget do not have to be less shiny! There is much beautiful jewelry made from more subtle material which has a relatively lower price. Do not underestimate them, though, because they are usually insanely as impressive as their expensive counterpart. Today we are looking at one of the most common affordable jewelry materials in the world, Cubic zirconia, also known as CZ.

Cubic zirconia: origin

Cubic zirconia is what can be called a simulated diamond. Since diamonds are costly, there has been a lot of research to find a low-cost equivalent during the 20th century. A succession of synthetic materials has been proposed without much success. However, in 1970, Soviet scientists developed the first form of cubic zircon as CZ jewelry manufacturers use today. Their goal was to use it as part of laser technology. However, its considerable resemblance to diamond and its low cost has made it amazing for CZ jewelry manufacturer to produce beautiful accessory with cubic zirconia. It should be noted that cubic zirconia is machine processed by CZ jewelry manufacturer in the same way as a real diamond is treated.

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Cubic zirconia: characteristic

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone produced in the laboratory under very high heat. The cubic word found in the appellation indicates that cubic zirconia is formed according to a proven method to create cubic crystals like a diamond.

Cubic zirconia versus diamond

Cubic zirconia looks a lot like a diamond to the point of fooling most people who are not experts in the field (Which is why it’s better to buy from a trustable CZ jewelry manufacturer). However, there are differences here:

a) Cubic zirconia has no defects and is utterly colorless while the diamond has some imperfections and a slightly yellowish hue.

b) Cubic zirconia is softer than diamond and may scratch with use.

c) Cubic zirconia is much more affordable. For example, a 1-carat diamond is worth around $ 20,000 compared to $ 20 for cubic zirconia.

d) Cubic zirconia is denser than diamond, nearly 1.7 times more than a diamond of equal size.

e) Cubic zirconia is now available in many colors to look like beautiful or precious stones check out on CZ jewelry manufacturer website to find out more!

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Cubic zirconia: how CZ jewelry manufacturers maintain them

Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale The maintenance of CZ jewelry is straightforward, as said by a technician from Hong Factory. They can be cleaned with any jewelry cleaning product. Thanks to its solidity, you can even use a brush or a brush to remove dust and grease. It is recommended to dry the stone thoroughly after cleaning. You will avoid the deposit of a light film which would harm the brilliance of the jewels.

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